Registration is NOW CLOSED for our Fall 2019 Session!

Fall 2019 NHO Dance Class Schedule

Thursdays (August 15-October 24) Class Times

5:00 PM Classes

Beginning Hula with Gayle (ages 11+)

Intermediate Contemporary Jazz with Lei (ages 12+)

Keiki Hula with Crystale (ages 5-10)

Beginning Hip Hop with Callie (ages 11+)

Keiki Creative Movement with John Harley and Lisa (ages 4-9)

6:00 PM Classes

Intermediate Hula with Hope (ages 11+)

Intermediate Hip Hop with MarkAnthony (ages 12+)

Beginning Jazz with Sarah (ages 10+)

Keiki Hip Hop with Callie (ages 5-10)

Lyrical Sign with Ayano (ages 12+)

7:00 PM Classes

Creative Sign with Leilani (ages 10+)

Advanced Hula with Crystale (ages 11+)

Men's Creative Sign with Matt 

Adult Beginning Hip Hop with Sarah (ages 18+)

Keiki Sign with Sandi (ages 5-10)

General Class Guidelines


Unless otherwise specified in class description below...

  • No eating in class
  • PLEASE bring water!
  • No midriff or stomach-baring tops
  • No provocative language or images on clothing
  • If you wonder, let us know!

Hip Hop

Keiki Hip Hop: Ages 5-10

 Introductory to hip hop dance for our youngest dancers! They will learn fundamentals of movement through various hip hop styles 

Beginning Hip Hop: Ages 11+ and Adult Beginning Hip Hop: Ages 18+

Introductory to hip hop dance for two different age groups! Dancers will learn the fundamentals of movement through various hip hop styles 

Intermediate Hip Hop: Ages 12+

Be ready to be inspire not only yourself  an individual dancer, but explore how you can contribute to the bigger picture of worship hip hop!  Dancers should have training in hip hop at a dance studio or in the style of New Hope.  Please have proper shoes and attire, as this dictates your participation for class.


Keiki Hula: Ages 4-10

Dancers will be taught the basic hula techniques which include basic steps, posture, and discipline. The basics will then be tide together and choreographed into a beautiful song for students to express their love for god. Attire: Pa'u Skirt or Pareo (sarong). 

Beginning Hula: Ages 11+/Intermediate Hula: Ages 11+

In Beginning, dancers will learn basic hula techniques which include basic steps, posture, and discipline. This class lays a basic foundation while learning how to use hula for worship. In Intermediate, dancers will be challenged with using hula techniques at faster paces.  Previous hula training is required.

Attire: Pa'u Skirt or Pareau (sarong).

Advanced Hula: Ages 12+

Not for the feint of heart!  This class is designed for the Advanced hula dancer, which will require skills to pick up choreography quickly and with little instruction.

Attire: Pa'u Skirt or Pareau (sarong). 

Jazz Dance

Keiki Creative Movement: Ages 4-9

 In this class, dancers will learn about creativity in dance, and how we can move our bodies in creative ways to point people to Jesus.   Attire: shorts, t-shirts, dance pants

Beginning Jazz: Ages 10+

Introductory class to foundational dance basics and techniques.  Come ready to learn about jazz and begin building your rudimentary skills!

Attire: Comfortable shorts, t-shirts, dance pants you can move in.

Intermediate Contemporary Jazz: Ages 12+


Contemporary Jazz is the integration of Ballet and Modern Dance. This dance style displays performers' elegant grooves and focuses on the free expression of body movements, it particularly requires strong techniques.

Attire: appropriate dance attire (no bellies or cleavage) and dance pants you can move in. Optional, Jazz or ballet shoes.

Creative Sign

Keiki Sign: Ages 5-9

Young dancers will be introduced to sign dance as an expression of worship that is created to use ASL grammar structure.  

Creative Sign/Men's Creative Sign (ages 10+)

The instructors will be using Sign expression of worship that is created to use ASL grammar structure. Accurate sign that is not word order of conversational ASL, but sync English word order at times.

Lyrical Sign (ages 12+)


Creating something new, our instructor will be introducing ASL through contemporary dance.  We're so excited to host this new opportunity!

Attire: comfortable shorts, shirts, dance pants